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District 1100
Founded 1953
as Bedminster Rotary Club
Bristol South
serving our local community since 1953
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Club Projects
Street Soul Studios
We were approached by James Kennaby of Street Soul Studios who were in the process of setting up a sound studio in Bristol which would use the medium of music to assist less advantaged youngsters to build self-confidence and improve both their self belief and numeric and literacy skills.
After delivering a well balanced and fully coordinated talk to the Club we were happy to provide the funds for a new mixing deck (which can be seen in the photograph).
President Bob Griffiths visited the studios on 26th November and also presented James with a certificate of support.
We will watch James’ progress with interest.
Our Secretary, ‘Tolly’ Cobbold spoke to Hillcrest School about disaster relief and how Rotary are uniquely placed to ensure swift response with the guarantee that all the aid gets to where its needed without delay.
A challenge was issued to the school to raise £300 towards a Shelter Box, which Bristol South would match.
Watch this space.
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