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District 1100
Founded 1953
as Bedminster Rotary Club
Bristol South
serving our local community since 1953
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Can Bristol South Rotary help you?
Rotary International, despite it’s name, is an organisation based firmly in the local community.

The Rotary Club of Bristol South prides itself on focusing the majority of it’s efforts on local causes, in particular the young, the elderly and the less fortunate who cannot enjoy the quality of life that the majority of us do.

When necessary, our aid can take the form of a financial contribution, but we prefer to be more pro-active.

For example, when a sheltered housing scheme was vandalised and its gardens torn apart, we not only donated replacement plants, but came along and planted them as well. We worked with Avon & Somerset Constabulary by fitting security locks which they provided. Local schools have benefited  from  our members conducting mock interviews with their senior students to give them experience with business people. Several local primary schools have been given musical instruments and other equipment for extra-curricular activities.

Can we help you, or help somebody you know?

If you don’t ask, we’ll never know!  Use the Contact Us link to get in touch.