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District 1100
Founded 1953
as Bedminster Rotary Club
Bristol South
serving our local community since 1953
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Rotary International is a global network of service volunteers. It is the world's largest service organisation for business and professional people, with some 1,210,905 members operating in 168 countries world-wide.
There are some 58,000 Rotarians in Great Britain and Ireland in 1,845 clubs, helping those in need and working towards world understanding and peace. Its a fulfilling role, and Rotarians can get involved as much or as little as their time will allow.
But there is much more. Clubs meet on a regular basis, which allows members to build firm friendships. Every Rotarian has a right to attend any Club meeting anywhere in the world, so there is always somewhere to go, and people to meet, wherever business or leisure travel may take you.
Various Clubs have different emphases, which can reflect differences in size. A small market town or one of several clubs in large city like Bristol may have a Club of perhaps 15 members, whereas in large centres the number can be closer to 100. Some concentrate on local community or vocational projects. Others link up with a sister club in another country to undertake an international project. Each Club decides how it wants to use the resources it has available.

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If you then want to consider joining us, simply go our contact page and let us know you are interested. We will do all we can to answer your questions, and will probably invite you to attend one of our meetings, as our guest, to meet us and see how our particular Rotary Club operates.

Membership is by invitation only, and is open to men and women.